This is not the Elder Scrolls game you’re looking for. With the next major entry in the franchise years away, Elder Scrolls Blades will be out this year to keep you satisfied.

If you’re looking for something similar to Skyrim, you’ll be a bit disappointed. Based on the demo at E3, the basics of the series are still there. It’s still set in a fantasy world with different creatures to kill and magic to use. Throughout the world, there’s treasure to find and gold to take. Other than that, it’s not the same as Skyrim. During the demo, there were no NPCs to interact with, dragons to fight, and side quests to do. If those are the things you want out of an Elder Scrolls game, this might not be for you.

That being said, it’s still impressive. Visually, it reminded me of Infinity Blade with its amazing graphics. The dungeons and forests I walked through were linear and left plenty of room to explore. With a single tap, you can move your character wherever you want, grab loot, and attack enemies.

The combat feels good and fits well for a mobile game. By holding on one side of the screen, you can unleash an attack on the enemy. Once you like the angle you’re attacking from, you can let go. With each one you defeat, gold and other loot drops. I had some magic at my disposal with a cooldown meter at the bottom of the screen.

While it’s not the Elder Scrolls game everyone is looking for, Blades is worth the time investment. Mobile games want to occupy our time on the plane or waiting for class to start and this game can easily do that. It’s a good first step to show that the basics of Elder Scrolls can work on mobile. With it coming out this fall, I look forward to putting more time into it.



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