A Tetris game by the creator of Lumines? Sign me up! The trailer for Tetris Effect not only left me impressed, but excited to see what Tetsuya Mizuguchi can bring to Tetris. Prior to starting it, I hadn’t played Tetris in a long time. It took me a match or two to get readjusted, but once I did, I loved it.

Right off the bat, I loved the visuals. The optional VR mode definitely immerses you and there’s very little latency with placing blocks down. As with any Mizuguchi game, there’s also fantastic music to accompany the visuals. One of the things that makes this version of Tetris unique is the zones system, a mechanic that lets you slow down time in order to avoid the dreaded game over screen and get bonuses.

When my time was up, I was bummed and wanted to play more. With the mixture of amazing visuals and music, it’s a game that you could get easily lost in and I could see that happening to me. If I’ve had a rough day at school, I see myself playing this for a bit. It uses the VR technology to further immerse you and make the visuals come alive.



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