As someone who hasn’t used VR in over a year, Blood and Truth took some getting used to. After finishing the tutorial, I was getting back in the swing of things.

When the developer was describing it to me, I was instantly curious. Rather than pressing a button to reload your gun, there’s ammo on your chest that you have to grab to reload your gun. That was one of the big things I had to adjust to, but it’s a very unique mechanic. Thankfully, there’s plenty of ammo available and you’re given the option to throw grenades too. The movement feels good as you press a single button to maneuver. The game also gives you the option to switch between having your gun in your left or right hand. If you look over your shoulder, there’s a heavier gun that you can use.

Visually, it looks great, but I experienced enemies going through walls. Things like that didn’t happen very often and it didn’t detract from the experience. Another problem I had was it can be hard to tell where you’re aiming. There were times where I was aiming right at the enemy, but the bullet didn’t hit and it took me multiple attempts in certain moments.

For my first VR experience in a while, this game was a lot of fun. There’s an occasional issue, but it never took me out of it. The gameplay felt fun and I definitely see myself picking this up.


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