Guitar Hero with lightsabers? Yes please. As someone who doesn’t own a Playstation VR, this game not only impressed me, but it makes me want a headset so I can play it.

I got to play two songs for my demo and they were both fantastic. There’s a simple tutorial that teaches you the basics of the game. Using two lightsaber-esque weapons, blue and red blocks approach you and you have to hit them with the appropriate blade. Each block also has an arrow that shows which direction you have to hit it. Obstacles such as red walls and bombs try to throw you off. For the walls, you have to actually crouch below them or step past them. Things like that make the gameplay more interesting and more unique.

All the mechanics make Beat Saber fun and challenging. With each song I played, I was impressed with what I was playing and I could easily see myself getting lost in this when it comes to PSVR this holiday. It’s also a game that proves what a VR fitness game could be. I could easily see someone play this as a workout. This was easily one of my favorite games from the show and it makes me want a PSVR.



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