Did I get choked up during my demo? Maybe a little. As someone who’s loved the series since the beginning, it was surreal for to be my first demo at my first E3. If you’ve played the series before, you know what to expect. The demo lasted roughly ten minutes, but I easily could’ve spent more time than that.

The demo I played was set on Olympus, the Hercules world. It’s supposedly the first world in the game and the demo has you scaling a mountain. As you’re going up, the Titan enemy is bringing rocks down on you and you have to get out of there way. This demo is perfect in that it shows the scale of the game and how crazy the levels can get.

Visually, the game looks amazing. There’s so much detail and you can tell there was serious thought put into it. The animations look great too, but there’s always the occasional camera problem. The only way for the camera to not mess up is if you lock on to a certain enemy. Even though the game looks great, it certainly feels like a PlayStation 2 game. I know that’s an unpopular opinion, but regardless, I loved every minute of my demo.

I got to experiment with using magic attacks and the attraction flow rides. For those that don’t know, the attraction flow rides are famous Disneyland/World rides that you can use in combat. With this game, there’s a lot of options at your disposal that can make each combat encounter more interesting and fun.

Those are my main thoughts on the game. I plan on writing more Kingdom Hearts related posts in the future and let me know if you want to know more.


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